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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting to know your local superhero

Let me put this to you straight.  I've never blogged before, but lately I've been compelled to write about myself.  It's not because I care if you know anything about my life.  I really don't.  Do I have something important to share with the world?  Not really.  Am I interesting, or informative?  Absolutely not.  But I can pull off an excellent one liner, and I am prone to embarass myself on film.  That's worth tuning in for...

Anyway, up until about a year ago I was living a quiet and peaceful life in a yuppie suburban neighborhood.  Then I took my shoes off.  It was smelly and disgusting at first.  My wife would contend that it still is.  But something happened to me.  I became a symbol in my neighborhood.  Not a really cool symbol, like the one that Prince replaced his name with.  But a symbol nonetheless.  A symbol of a more natural and healthy way of running.  I became "The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy". 

People began to come up to me on the street to ask questions.  Mostly about how to get to McDonald's, but also about barefoot running.  People began to email me questions about it.  People began shouting, "Hi Maple Grove Barefoot Guy!" when I ran past. 

I participated in various forums, and people started listening to me.  They had to really.  In June of this year I became president of the Minnesota Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society, so I got to control content on that particular page.   

So for all of you folks who have gotten to know me during my transformation into a local superhero, I feel like I owe you an explanation.  Kind of like a, "what's the deal with THAT guy".  

So for those who care, here's my life, in picture form.  I'll keep it short.  You guys have better things to do.

It was hard to find a picture of me not making a face or boozing.  So I just picked the worst of both.  So....this is me.  My nickname is saypay, but my real name is Christian.  There's nothing really special behind the nickname.  It's the Spanish words for the letter "c" and "p".  Kind of a letdown explanation really...

This is where I work.  It's also a picture of my 2-year old daughter Clara.  She does all my dictation.  I'm a county prosecutor for a little county about 20 minutes southwest of Minneapolis.  I heart my job (I also heart using the word heart instead of love).  The only real talent I've ever had is putting people in prison.

This is me with my wife Amy.  That's my bottle of wine to my right.  I'm not sure why that chick behind me is wearing a turtleneck in the summer.  Anyway, we've been married for 5 years, and together for 9.   She works for a testing lab where she works out ways to break consumer products so that they don't break when you use them.  She's been dropping toilets off buildings for the past month.
She thinks barefoot running is gross and dangerous.  I told her to get over it...

I have a thing for costumes.  This is me channelling Steve Prefontaine for a costume race in 2008.  The mustache fell off about a minute into the race.  I've been running since I was 11 years old, and barefooting full-time for around a year.  Before that, I wore those horrid toe shoes. 

Don't let the likeness to Pre fool you.  I'm ridiculously slow.

I'm writing this at work, and it's time to go now.  So more to follow.  Thanks for reading!

Modified from my blog on the Barefoot Runners Society, which was posted in its original form on that site on June 8, 2010.


  1. Love it. Followed, & will add you to my Google Reader.

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