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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help me Maple Grove Barefoot Guy! You're my only hope!

Can't get enough of Christian's stories about being a county prosecutor?  A barefoot runner? 

Don't worry all.  I'm here. 

Did you see some dude running down the street with no shoes and possibly a kilt, and wonder how you can learn more about what is wrong with him?

Don't worry all.  I'm here.

Can't wait to see the next interest, cause, or group that Christian gets/joins/uses and quickly discards like Paris Hilton discards friends to keep her reality show going?

Don't worry all.  I'm here.

Hoping that Christian will use his blog as yet another racket to get attention?

Don't worry all.  I'm here. 

Were you waiting to see how Christian would use his unique ability to get free swag on the internet?

Don't worry all.  I'm here. 

Were you worried that Christian had no outlet for his overwhelming feelings of self-importance?

Don't worry all.  I'm here. 

Finished obsessively checking social media and don't have anywhere else on the internet?

Don't worry all.  I'm here.

Well I don't have any super powers, and I don't have any special reason for having a blog.  I just wanted a place where I can put down my thoughts in a well-organized manner so that I don't word vomit them all over you some night when we're drunk at Hooter's.  I also see all of my buddies trying new products for free, and this is an open and hostile attempt to get in on that action.

If you think my posts are funny, that's great.  If you think they aren't, piss off.  I'm the man known in my community as "The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy".  It's a pleasure to meet you. 

Side note: I will be importing my Barefoot Runners Society blog in the next few days.  Read all of my rants there again for the first time!


  1. This stuff looks important enough to me. :)

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  2. Another barefoot kilt wearer, there can never be enough. Welcome to the world of blog.

    BRS Member: Barefooting Bob

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