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Friday, November 19, 2010

MGBG: Origins

No, it's not the newest movie in the X-Men trilogy.  A few people have asked me how I became known as The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy.  So I thought that I would share the story for all of your edification.  It's not much of a story I guess, but hey...it's Friday and I want to leave work soon.  This is all you get...  

At first glace, my superhero name looks pretty simple.  But this isn't like finding out what your porn star name is.  You know...your first pet and the street you grew up on.  Mine is "Pumpkin 12th Ave North" by the way, in case you were interested.  <location> + <superpower> + <gender> does not always make a great superhero name (although I was once also known as "Madison Tall Happy Guy", which is still pretty cool, but is another story entirely). 

Anyway, it all happened like this.  I've been barefooting in my neighborhood for quite some time.  And people have known about it since day one.  When I first brought home those ugly toe shoes, one of my neighbors noticed right away.  "Are you part of the barefoot movement?"  she asked me.  At that point, I had just bought the shoes because they were cheaper than my old Mizuno Waves.  I responded, "Only if I don't have to go to any rallies or meetings."

I've always known that my neighbors stop and stare at me.  Last week during my barefoot snow run, the guy on the corner stared at me so hard that he dropped his shovel.  I largely ignore it.  My family (me more so than my wife...she's normal) hasn't fit in since the day we moved here.  We have two large black labs, a cat, and a 2-year old kid.  We are the neighborhood zoo.  And the day we moved in, we were taking care of my father-in-law's black lab.  We looked like we were running an illegal breeding operation.  No wonder the cops came. 

Apparently the neighbors talk about me too.  This summer, while we were at a neighborhood block party, I was approached by a neighbor from the other side of our development that I did not know.  She said, "You're that guy!  You're that barefoot guy!"  She went on to tell me about how people she knows from all over Maple Grove had seen me running and were talking about me.  "You're like the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy!" 

A day or so later I was running by her house, and her husband John was outside talking to a friend.  The friend turned and said, "Is that guy running barefoot?"  John replied, "Of course...he's The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy."

Yes...indeed I am. 


  1. OK. So I don't know how I missed this post, but it makes sense. The people of Rocklin have to name me. I'm sure they're talking about me. :)

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