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Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness

No, my title isn't a deliberate attempt to get web traffic from basketball fans.  I focus my efforts on people that are actually willing/stupid enough to read my blog, not to stumble on it by mistake.  Basketball fans would be turned off by the fact that someone as tall as me has so little skill in the game.  Although I have been amused by the amount of traffic I divert from "adult" sites.  Maybe because I use the word "porn" so much.  That's only because it's so versatile. 

Anyway...it's getting to the end of the month again.  So it's time to wrap it all up with another collection of random thoughts.  Enjoy!

What is the point of this blog?

I had two scenarios playing in my head when I was about to pull the trigger on my first blog entry.  In one scenario, my first post goes viral, I become a web sensation on par with Charlie Sheen without the creepiness, and I am vaulted to worldwide adoration by the beginning of 2011.  In the second and far more likely scenario, after my first post I hear crickets, bow my head in shame, and make a hasty retreat to some dark corner of the internet world with the other attention whore rejects.  Hopefully next to this guy.

What can I say, I like Tron.  I also vowed long ago never to turn down an opportunity to try on an LED helmet.  I wonder if he calls his mountain bike his "Light Cycle".  I also wonder if he lives in his parents' basement. 

In the last six months since my blog was born I've been a busy, busy blogger.  I've done a bunch of resource-style posts, a bunch of product reviews, and filled the blogosphere with my potty humor.  Now several of my friends are asking me why I'm doing it in the first place.  "What is the purpose of this blog?" they ask.  I don't feel I need to answer to them, so I usually kick them in the jewels with my newest pair of free shoes. 

But all of those questions have gotten me thinking about where this blog is going.  The obvious purpose of the blog is to make my awesomeness more accessible to the world.  Not since the sequel to Waynes World has so much awesomeness been available in such an accessible format.  Although the internet is really only good for porn, it also gives me the power to touch people (inappropriately) from all over the world with very little effort.  Plus, the internet proves that all you have to do to become famous is do something stupid in a very public place.  If that's true, I should be vaulted to stardom any minute now. 

This video proves my point...

The second obvious purpose is my open and hostile attempt to grab all the free swag I can get my hands on.  Daddy needed a new pair of shoes.  Now I have five.  Variety is the spice of life. 

I would say I've achieved a moderate amount of success so far, and I'm excited to see what comes next.  I don't really have a plan for where this thing is going.  I have no aspirations for the blog except for having fun.  And right now I'm definitely meeting that goal. 

I don't think that I really need to have a point to my blog anyway, ever.  I don't know that I fill a niche that isn't already taken in the blogosphere.  For example, Jason Robillard already has the market cornered on the whole selling out on barefoot running thing.  I'm not going to write a book about barefoot running.  I'll leave that to people with credentials and a talent for the written word.  And nobody is contacting me to design shoes with them anyway because I insist on adding tail fins and lightning bolts.  I also can't see myself becoming much more of a product whore than I already am, a la The Gear Junkie.  My wife thinks my shoe collection is approaching Imelda Marcos levels already.

For now I'm just happy to be writing for an audience.  I love that some of you find my writing humorous, informative, or at the very least more enjoyable than participating in your mundane off-line lives for the 10 minutes it takes to read these posts.  I've met a ton of new people, and had a lot of great new experiences.  A big thank you to everyone who supports me for making it all happen.

Blog news

I'm giving the UPS guy a break for a little bit, and product reviews won't be coming in at such a fast pace.  But I do have a few exciting things (at least to me) in the pipeline to watch for in April and May.  I was just contacted by my friends at Unshoes, who informed me that my sandals are in the works, and should be ready by early April.  I'll be reviewing those sandals, as well as doing a product comparison to my Luna Sandals with Equus Laces.  As you might have gathered from my first post on Unshoes, I'm pretty psyched to run in them.  The Equus laces have made running in huaraches a lot more enjoyable, but they still have some kinks.  I think these sandals are the answer. 

I'm also excited to do a review in May of a product that hasn't gotten much press yet, but that I think will make a big splash.  The folks at STEM Footwear will be providing me with a test pair of their Origins Footwear to take for a spin.  A lot of companies out there are expanding their current products to include a "minimalist shoe" within their 2011 line.  Some are even working with minimalist runners so that their new shoes have features that our crowd would enjoy.  STEM is the only company that I know of that is 100% dedicated to creating shoes designed by minimalist runners for minimalist runners.  Plus, their shoes look pretty sweet. 

Also, since I've been amassing such a plethora of 2011 shoes, I feel like I'm in a perfect position to compare and contrast.  So in June, look for some kind of 2011 shoe guide that details the pros and cons of each model, and picks my favorite shoe of the year.  Maybe I'll hand out awards.  I could call them the Grove-ies or something.  Then maybe I can finally get rid of all those gold statues I had cast in my image.  I just knew those would come in handy some day.

Injury update

I've been very pleased with the progression of my injury since my last post.  I'm taking my recovery pretty seriously.  So for the last month I've cut my mileage almost in half, and have been regularly supplementing my training with yoga (I included a link to my yoga post in case you wanted to see Danica Patrick in a bikini again.  I know I do!). 

I'm happy to report that the pain in my calf is pretty much gone.  I actually find that I have more soreness in my ankle now than anywhere else.  That makes me wonder if I was properly diagnosed with fibular head pain, or if I have more of an Achilles tendinitis.  I guess the diagnosis really doesn't matter if the cure is working.

I'll be back up to my pre-injury mileage (hopefully) by the end of this week.  That leaves plenty of time to ramp up for my 50 miler in September.  But I'll be on a bit of a compressed schedule for the Med City Marathon at the end of May.  I'm hoping that my previous experience at that distance will be enough to help me cross the finish line.  I'll be doing the race with two of my barefoot running buddies as well.  Talking to them will take the sting off of those miles for sure.

I'm planning on starting up my strength training again in another week, provided I have no lingering leg pain.  This time I've learned my lesson, and will add on strength training gradually.  I also think cutting my mileage on strength days would help out.  I hope to be back up to 3x weekly Crossfit and 40-50 miles per week by the middle of the summer.  We'll see what happens.

Maple Grove Barefoot Guy on TV! 

I know you I love MGBG's writing.  And I know you wish you could hear MGBG's golden voice and see his Adonis face in person.  Well, I have the next best thing.  My local news station, Northwest Community Television (Channel 12) will be doing a feature on barefoot running starring yours truely.  I've done interviews on the radio and for newspapers before on the topic of barefoot running.  But this will be my TV debut.  I will post a link or video on the blog and facebook page when it becomes available. 



  1. Hahaha! Between your blog and mine I'd say we are funneling a good deal of the "adult site" traffic. My stats tell me naked, hot, and milff (the misspelled version) are the top keyword searches that take people to my blog. I'm sure they are severely disappointed. LOL!

    That video is just too good to share. I might have to repost on FB.

    And, yes. Your blog is the best use of wasted time ever! Thanks for putting such diligent effort into that. ;-) Its been great getting to know you!

  2. Naked, hot, and milff? That's how I picture you also (in a completely platonic, not creepy way...if that's possible).

    Good to get to know you too zap. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well.

  3. Hey, so I'm not the only one to be doing a STEM review! The shoes looks so cool, I can't wait.
    hopefully your assisting the 'torch of awesomeness' to continue won't mean that my blog is associated with porn. Is there even a single post on here where you don't make some kind of reference to sex?

  4. Who would want to read a post without a sex reference? Sounds boring...

  5. I enjoy your ramblings very much and though you don't think you have a specific niche, I love reading other barefoot and minimalist blogs. Makes me feel not so lonely.
    I'm glad you're healing up nicely. And I love all your reviews. It's great there are going to be so many options come the end of this year when the snow flies again!

  6. I am also a tall, lanky basketball failure. :) I can hike, run, kayak, ski, snowboard, rock climb... and heck, I can even ride a unicycle but I can't play basketball!



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