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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fan Appreciation Giveaway Winner!

Citizens, I called you to action last week.  As a reward, I promised you the glorious gift of free running sandals.  You responded in typical fashion when free stuff is up for grabs: greedy and self-centered.  It was beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me to turn you into my own personal spammers for a brief moment.

My facebook and twitter accounts received 52 new followers to heckle.  I promise to annoy them with the same gusto as I annoy all of you.  Thank you again from the bottom of my attention whoring heart.

Anyway, now for what you all came to read.  The winner of the contest is the person who invited Andrew Klein to follow via Twitter!

If that person is you, please email me at saypay45@gmail.com.  Include your choice of prize (Invisible Shoes, Unshoes, Brancas, Original Lunas, or Bedrocks) as well as your shipping address.  If no one claims this prize by July 15th, I will choose a fan at random to receive it.  If Andrew reports that he follows simply because I'm awesome, I will open up the contest to all of you sooner.

Thanks to all who participated!  More giveaways coming soon!



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