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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Time to Play "State Fair Bingo"!

Just a quick and fun one today.  I am swamped planning for The Naked Foot 5K.  Register today if you haven't already!

Well it's almost time for one of Minnesota's most peculiar traditions.  The Minnesota State Fair is the annual celebration of our state's agricultural heritage.  That's what it's supposed to be about really.  What actually happens is a contest to see what can and cannot be battered and cooked in a deep frier.  It's a who's-who of 80's hair bands (and Rascal Flatts...somehow they always make it too).  And it's a sea of interesting humanity that you usually don't find outside of The People of Walmart website.

Anyway, during the fair I like to play a little game called "State Fair Bingo".  It's just like regular bingo, except each square is filled with a different type of person, place, or thing that you generally only see at a state fair.  You mark off a square each time you see that person, place, or thing.  It's a great way to compliment your people watching. 

I posted some suggestions for State Fair Bingo on my personal facebook account, and got a lot of responses.  They were pretty hilarious, and I want to share them all with you folks.  Maybe you can use them to populate your own bingo card.

NOTE: I shouldn't have to say this, but this is the web.  Some of this content may be considered offensive.  It's meant as humor.  I have no personal malice towards morbidly obese people in leotards.  They are probably really nice.  But if you're easily offended, please just leave now.  And if you are a morbidly obese person in a leotard, contact me.  I want to have a "What Not to Wear" moment with you.

1. Black socks with brown sandals
2. Morbidly obese lady on a Hover Round
3. Two females with mullets holding hands
4. Child on a leash
5. Teen mom with more than one child in stroller
6. Entire family wearing fanny packs
7. Toddler walking alone wearing only diapers
8. Breastfeeding in public (no attempt to cover up)
9. Child getting peed on by livestock
10. Parent with fewer teeth than their infant children
11. Gigantic beer belly paired with cut-off t-shirt
12. 80s band t-shirt paired with homemade cut-off jean shorts
13. Person carrying at least 5 freebie grab bags
14. Pack of teenagers (at least 3) in platform heels
15. One-armed Carney
16. Person wearing multiple animal prints (must be from at least two distinct animals)
17. Couple getting to either second or third base in public view
18. Deep fried butter (it exists!)
19. Adult freaking out on children's ride
20. Person wearing only overalls
21. Obviously intoxicated person before noon
22. Breasts that sag to at or below navel level
23. Wife-beater sunburn (i.e. outline of shirt is white, the rest of body is red)
24. Homemade tattoo
25. Any member of the band Big Country

Sorry if I missed some!  Post below if you have your own suggestions for a great state fair bingo card!


  1. You totally skipped the best one. Tall lanky man in a red cape and kilt ;)

  2. Great list, although Item 25 is kind of sad, considering Big Country's lead singer hung himself in a hotel room in Hawaii a few years back. They are apparently still making music and touring, so good for them.

  3. btw if you want an easy way to make up a series of bingo cards with this list and randomize the order of the words per card http://print-bingo.com has a really nice generator that you can copy and paste the whole list over to.

  4. http://annieinmn.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/state-fair-bingo/

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