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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mrs. MGBG Answers Your Questions! Part Two

You asked her, and she answered!  Here's part two of an instant classic!  For part one, click here!

Who has more shoes, you or MGBG?

I find it sad to admit that MGBG has more shoes than I do. He has filled a huge tote that occupies a fair amount of space in the garage and has shoes everywhere. For a barefoot runner, he is kind of a shoe whore. Granted most of these shoes were sent to him for reviews, he still has way more shoes than I do. Sounds like I need to do some shopping or get in on this shoe reviewing business.

I know a guy that can get you some shoes to review.

In this era of feminism, how do you feel about being called “Mrs. MGBG”?

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it. I am not a “put his balls in a vice” feminist. I like to quietly prove my awesomeness to the other gender. Even though I can do anything a man can do and more I am still pretty traditional in some senses.

Plus, I was getting really tired of everyone butchering my maiden name and not knowing how to spell it. Now all I have to do is say Peterson with an “–on”. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be listed as one entry lost in 10 pages of Petersons in the phone book. Living the Swedish dream! Speaking Swedish things, have you seen my new car?!

Ohhh....Sweeeeedish!  I’m just glad you dropped your need to get a BMW or Mercedes. So is our bank account.

How did you get to be so lucky?

I am not sure how to answer this. I think being married to Christian is karma coming back to bite me for all of the mean things I have done. It isn’t always easy being married to the neighborhood weirdo. But there is something so charming about a person that just doesn’t give a shit about what others think of them. I guess we kind of are two peas in a pod in that sense. I am who I am and if you don’t like it, take a hike.

Thank….you? I think???

Would you support MGBG if he quit his job and started coaching full-time?

I have supported MGBG through a lot of things. If MGBG thought that we could have the same kind of life with him coaching, I would be all for that. I keep waiting to see what he wants to be when he grows up. I just want him to get the same kind of fulfillment that I have in my career. If that means not being an attorney anymore and coaching, so be it. He better make sure he can still pay off his law school debt though.

What did you think about the whole “no soap” experiment?

I definitely knew something was going on. He smelled pretty bad during this time. I was just being polite, which is sort of unlike me. I think I noticed it the most when I would do laundry. I will spare you the details and just let you know it was unpleasant. I still think there are times when he goes no soap…

I call bullshit. You always tell me when I stink. And I do agree that sometimes I just straight up stink. I’m a big guy. We smell.

I would also like to report that I haven’t used soap or shampoo since April. I do use deodorant still though. Because…once again…I stink.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love seeing things through un-jaded eyes. There is nothing like watching your child experience things for the first time and making no judgments before.

Kids also have really great people reading skills. They seem to be the perfect medicine for a gloomy day. I know when my aunt passed away a few weeks ago, there was nothing that made me happier than when Clara came up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said “I will kiss you happy”. Life is truly about the little moments that take your breath away and make you appreciate the little things. Having a kid and being a mom helps remind me to be thankful for the little things in life.

I’d like to add that Mrs. MGBG is a great mom. I couldn’t ask for a better mom for my daughter. Okay…enough with the sappy shit!

Do you want to have more kids?


How would you feel if Clara was an only child?

I would be completely bummed out. First off, I really loved being pregnant. I know it sounds crazy but it was amazing, even with the morning sickness that lasted 5 months. I think there is nothing on earth like having a sibling. I should know, I have 3 of them.

Also, Clara is completely awesome. I want another mini me (or two) to grow up and torture Christian.

If that pose is any indication, I think she'll be torturing me very soon.

When will you be coming to Las Vegas? (question from our friends in Vegas)

I would love to come to Vegas. I have never been and it is definitely on my list of places to visit. Unfortunately it will probably not be in the near future.

Vegas baby! Yeah!

Do you and the family eat Paleo style as well, or are you eating mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and shaking your head at crazy diets?

I would say Clara and I eat half Paleo. I love potatoes and grains. I think it would be really ugly for Christian if I cut these things out of my diet. I am not against Paleo so when he makes totally Paleo meals I am fine with it. Just don’t impose your diet on me all the time.

Clara eats closer to the way I do.  She picks around the carbs in favor of meat, veggies, and fruit.  And she loves trying new food.  My little cave baby!

Do you run?

I do not run. I have never enjoyed running. I would rather cut off my left arm with a dull blade. If I do have to run, there damn well better be a cheeseburger at the end.

I would add, Mrs. MGBG would be a great Crossfitter. She power cleaned 95lbs on her first try!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

It depends. Are we talking against the wind, with the wind, is there any wind at all? What is the outside temperature? How big is the swallow? Is it being chased or is this a leisurely trip? If you really want to know the answer without all of my smartass (but needed) questions, I suggest you Google it.

I hope you find this entertaining and this helps give you a deeper sense of knowing MGBG and what makes him so awesome. The answer is “an awesome wife”. I know I enjoyed this experience. Keep the questions coming and I would be happy to do another Ask Mrs. MGBG in the future.

Cheers citizens!


That’s my line woman! Anyway, you heard her ladies and gents. If you have any more questions for Mrs. MGBG, leave them in the comments section or email them to mgbarefootguy@gmail.com.


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