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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to expect from MGBG in 2012

I was holding off on some sort of new year goals slash resolutions post until I was certain that the Mayans were wrong and the world wasn't going to explode. Then I found out we're not really supposed to be incinerated until late December of this year. That's plenty of time to do some cool stuff. So here's what to expect from your favorite superhero in 2012.

1) The Bread and Butter: Shoe Reviews, MGBG Guides, Ask MGBG, and Rants

I know what got me where I am today. It's talking about the stuff that you folks want to do to aspire to my level of awesomeness. I'm always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the latest and greatest in the minimal shoe world.

In 2012 especially look for me to continue my absolute domination of the whole minimal shoe review thing. I will be reviewing all the minimal shoes (that don't suck) from Merrell, New Balance, VIVOBAREFOOT, Altra, Vibram, as well as products from the little guys as they come along.

2) Current Trends: Certifications, "Reduced" Shoes, and other controversial things

Look for me to participate in a few trends that people find a bit controversial. First, I'll be attending at least one barefoot running certification. Expect to see a report from both the VIVOBAREFOOT cert as well as the Newton Running cert by mid-year. This is both to possibly refine my own teaching technique as well as challenge my current opinion of the need for certifications (if you don't know what that is, here's a rant).

I'll also be branching out a bit and doing reviews of products that I might not have touched last year, but think are interesting. A few of those will be the Salomon S-Lab Sense, the New Balance Minimus Amp, and the Merrell Mix Master, which aren't necessarily my cup of tea, but I think will bring the concept minimalist running to a broader audience. I think that this type of shoe is the next big thing in our community. And although a lot of us have objections that they aren't "minimal" enough, I think this trend is important as we continue to grow our community. I don't necessarily expect to enjoy these shoes, but I do want to know something about them.

3) Expanded Coverage: Strength Training, Crossfit, MovNat, Functional Fitness, and more!

You've probably already noticed that I've been posting a bit more about strength training. Specifically how to incorporate some strength training into your running routine. I think a bit of crosstraining can help all of you weak, skinny bastard runners. But like barefoot running, the idea that you can get strong and also go long is pretty new. Not a lot of information on it is available on the web. I've made it my mission to find out as much as I can about this growing trend, and I'll be sharing that information with all of you.

I'll also finally be making it official. I've coached folks in the area of strength and running for a while now. It's time to get some titles behind my name. So I'll be acquiring a strength coach and running coach cert this year as well. You can also expect me to get a MovNat cert if it's available.

4) Interviews

Fan Friday is already a standard here in MGBG Nation, and you all have responded well to the stories of other fans. I'll be expanding that coverage to include folks from all over the barefoot running community. Look for interviews from industry insiders, like shoe designers and manufacturers, running coaches, and some of the big names in our community (or more likely...the B-list, i.e. my friends, since the big shots don't like to associate with me).

5) MGBG on the Road!

I'm not selling all my possessions and moving into a trailer or anything. But I will be launching a series of barefoot running clinics and individual coaching sessions in my home state of Minnesota. I'll be doing it in conjunction with both the Minnesota Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society and The Naked Foot 5K (i.e. I will be using these connections to promote my own agenda).

More details on these events will be forthcoming, but nothing will happen until the snow melts. If there is enough interest, I may also consider doing clinics in neighboring states. So if you live in the Midwest let me know if your group wants MGBG to make a personal appearance!

Here's to 2012 citizens! Let's make this year a big one for barefoot!


  1. I see that you're taking your plans for world domination a little slow. I would think that with Kim Jung Il gone, the time is right for a preemptive strike.

  2. Sounds like an interesting 2012 for you and the blog. I don't care much for the strength training...but some readers will love that...and all the other stuff fits MY AGENDA! Go forth and prosper!


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