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Friday, April 6, 2012

Life to MGBG: Get your ass in gear!

Life hit me square in the nuts this week citizens.  I was informed on Tuesday afternoon that my services as a county prosecutor were no longer needed.  Management restructed the number of MGBGs it had working for it by one.

I know when most people get canned, they are scared shitless about the future.  I'm fucking stoked.  I have no more excuses to not go balls out and live my dreams.  That's exactly what I plan to do.

Up until this time the plan was to slowly phase in plans to open a Crossfit gym as well as a private law practice.  My recently lack of employment has turned the volume on those plans up to 11 (Spinal Tap reference?  Anyone?).  I hadn't even been handed my severance letter before I executing my business plan (what I have of it anyway) like a small business maestro.  I hit the ground going 88 miles per hour and I don't intend to stop until I my flux capacitor of awesomeness sends me on a 1.21 gigawatt ride to Successville.


Dearest swag ninjas of MGBG nation.  This is your call to action.  I've paid it forward to you for the last year and a half by sharing my awesomeness.  Now I'm calling in a favor.  I need you all to step up to the plate and help make this dream happen for me. 

In the next few weeks,  I'm going to be keeping you all updated as to my progress.  During those posts, I may have some simple requests of you loyal citizens.  I appreciate all of your help in advance.

My first such requests are these:

1) If you are interested in joining my Crossfit gym, please take this short survey so that I can open a gym that best fits the needs of the community.

2) Please keep me at the top of your mind if someone is in need of a lawyer.  I practice mainly in the areas of criminal defense and family law, but I have many years of general practice experience.  Until further notice, you can contact me at mgbarefootguy@gmail.com.

I'll try to be as regular as I can with posts on this site.  I still have a lot to say about health and fitness, and goddammit I'm going to say it!  Plus, I'll probably have even more extra time on my hands.  It's summer vacation bitches!

Cheers to living your dreams citizens!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Taking the survey now, Homie! If there is any other way I can help, just name it. You know where to reach me. :)

  2. Do you need any (full?) financial assistance keeping this blogsite operational? Say the word dude.

    And, of course, best of luck.

  3. This website costs zero dollars to maintain. What I need is startup capital for my gym.

    1. Check out http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/on-small-business/between-banks-and-venture-capital-some-start-ups-look-to-a-pay-as-you-go-model/2012/04/05/gIQAl44RxS_story.html?hpid=z10 for an article on a possible source of capital. I'm not familiar with all the jargon used therein but you might be.

    2. Thanks for the tip Brian! This looks cool

  4. Does this mean it's safe to drive drunk in Maple Groove now?

    1. I now actively encourage such behavior so long as you call me once you get caught :)

    2. Butt seriously, all the best. I'm sure you'll do well. You were much too good, creative, and intelligent for your job anyway.

      BTW, I actually do need a good lawyer, but in Mozambique. We're trying to evict a deadbeat tenant, but he appears to have paid off our lawyer there, so the eviction notice is stuck in procedure.

  5. I really enjoy reading your posts. You've got the right attitude to make it work. Good luck and keep it simple.



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