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Thursday, April 12, 2012

MGBG starts a law firm

You have the right to remain delicious! 

Those of you who read my blog last week know that I was unexpectedly and abruptly laid off from my position as a county prosecutor here in the Twin Cities for budgetary reasons.  I continue to look at that incident as a blessing.  After the shock of losing my job wore off, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I was finally free to spend my time doing what I want to do instead of what some big government agency wants me to do.

When I signed up to attend law school, my intent wasn't to necessarily become a criminal prosecutor.  Or even a criminal lawyer for that matter.  I went to law school because I enjoy helping people, and I enjoy using my brain.  Yes...those are two things that lawyers are not always accused of doing.  But I find the law, when used properly, can be an engaging and creative outlet for the mind.  And the rewards that come from helping people during their most troubling times are numerous.

I've stayed in the criminal law area because I enjoy it.  Even with my dream of opening a gym in the near future, I never want to stop practicing criminal law.  It's actually been an entirely separate dream of mine to open my own criminal law firm.  And I have no excuse not to start one now.

So I put up a little website yesterday for my new firm: Christian Peterson Law Office.  It's not much now.  I still have to improve the graphics and add a ton of content.  And I still have to put up an awesome logo designed by the lovely Trisha Reeves.  But it's a start.

Those who know me in my legal career know that I practice law a lot like I write on this blog.  I'm edgy and sometimes (read: often) offensive.  I am straightforward and honest.  I take my role in the justice system very seriously.  And I dress in a manner that exudes awesomeness.  I plan to continue all of that in my new private practice.

I clean up nice, don't I? 

And in starting this new venture, I plan to continue this blog in full force.  It's a benefit to both of us really.  For me, it's a way to link the shit out of my professional website and get tons of free advertising (see above declaration of extreme honesty).  For you, it's kind of like my resume.  It's not very often that a business professional gives you a year and a half's worth of information about their life before you decide whether to hire them. 

Think about that when some random lawyer is trying to separate you from a few G's of your hard earned money.  I've been helping you out for free for damn near two years.   

How can you pay me back?  Hiring me would be great.  But whether or not  you need a lawyer or live in the greatest state in the Union (also known as Minnesota also known as God's Country), you can still help me out.  I need you to click on that link to my firm like you're voting for someone on American Idol (i.e. like a 13 year old girl voting for the cute, edgy guy).  Link the ever loving piss out of it.  I want that website to shoot up the Google search results just like this site did (i.e. inorganically and with the help of several drunken barefoot friends).

The website is pretty easy to remember.  It's overthelimitmn.com.  As in "over the legal limit".  Like drunk people.  Who drive and get arrested and stuff.  Get it?       

Now everyone needs to take this information down and sleep with it under your pillow at night.  Or laminate it and keep it among your prized possessions.  It's my contact information.  Some dark and drunken night, you're going to make a bad decision.  You're going to want me on speed dial. 

Christian R. Peterson
Peterson Criminal Defense
Phone: 612-269-1902
Email: christian@overthelimitmn.com
Web: http://www.overthelimitmn.com/

Cheers to new beginnings citizens!  Thanks for your support during this time!


  1. Congratulation's, wish you all the best


  2. That's a sweet hat! That's a successful man' hat, there! You'll be great.

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