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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Living Your Dreams Doesn't Mean Being a Dumbass

Liquid....hot...magma (pinky finger on mouth)...

I'm back bitches!  At least for now.  I know you all have had massive, MGBG-shaped holes in your life since I took a brief two week hiatus from blogging.  Things have calmed down at work enough that I have time for my favorite hobby: ranting about some stupid ass shit, and throwing in a little motivational stuff to keep you coming back again and again (opps...blogging stat boosting gimmick revealed).

You loyal readers may remember that several months ago I announced plans to open a Crossfit gym in the near future; hopefully sometime in 2012.  Shortly thereafter, "the man" gave me the ax and not so gently removed my ass from my cushy government employment situation (I suppose I could have just said "job").  So in response, I also announced the opening of my new law firm.

Some people's first question: "What happened to the Crossfit gym?"     

Citizens, I know most of you folks hang on my every word, and those of a lot of my friends.  And you should.  Those intense feelings of love and admiration (mostly for me, but also for some other barefoot bloggers) are complete natural.  If we were volcanos, we would erupt wisdom (and I would call myself Mount Awesome...or Mount Wannahockalugy...because it's funny). 

Shark Bait!  OOH HAHA!

Not only that, folks like Jason, Vanessa, and Trisha are hella good writers.  They could inspire anyone to drink their brand of Koolaid.  They are all doing some pretty amazing things with their lives.  Okay...more quirky counterculture things.  But it works for them, and they are doing what they want.  That's all that matters.

I'd follow you anywhere in those shorts Jason.

Read a couple sentences from inspirational pieces like How To Clean Your Second Wave Shit (which I would read just for the title) and you too might feel like handing in your two-weeks notice tomorrow to begin living your dreams (aka, becoming a running hobo).  Hell...Jason's blog alone has probably produced a massive run on late model full-sized SUVs and pop-up campers.

That sort of bravery is definitely necessary to start living your dreams.  Once you lose your safety net, you really don't have choice.  You're propelled forward by a combination of fear and passion.  I will tell you from recent experience folks.  Nothing is more motivating than staring down the prospect of mounting bills with no way to pay them.  It was that kind of fear that took my law firm (yes, I do need to link it in every post...it's good for my Google rank) from an idea to fully-functioning badassery in about two weeks.

Nor is there any better motivation than that which comes from seeing something that you created grow and prosper.  I haven't "worked" a single day in all of that time.  I've been having an absolute blast.  The freedom and pride I get for working for myself is second to none.  I wish I would have gotten fired years ago.

But again, why focus on a law firm and not the gym?  Because I'm not a fucking moron that's why.  The moment that you start living your dreams isn't the moment that you enter a magical fantasy land where everything just works out.  The chances that everything WILL work out depends largely on your not making dumbass decisions.

In my case...dumbass decision numero uno would be to go full-on towards my Crossfit gym.  I have no capital.  I have no equipment.  I have no potential members waiting to sign up.  I can't just walk out to the fucking money tree and pluck off twenty large to buy equipment, rent a space, and pay for advertising, then unlock the doors and expect a crowd of people to bust down the doors and throw around some heavy weights.  That's happened in my dreams a few times.  But it won't happen in really real life.  

Here's a more likely scenario if I opened immediately.  I take out a small business loan.  I spend a few months preparing my space.  I open the doors of my gym to a handful of people.  I grow over the next few years.  In the meantime, I have zero or negative cash flow.  And I close within a matter of months because I don't know about you, but I occasionally need to eat.  I also don't want my family living like beggars so I can live my dreams.  That's not fair.

The scene outside my future grand opening....

Wanna hear a smarter idea?  How about using the profits from my law firm to feed my family and finance a Crossfit gym during the start-up phase?  Is the law firm what I want to be spending all my time on for the foreseeable future?  Probably not.  My dream career is one where I can wear windpants pretty much all the time.  But it's a business with a low cost to entry that provides significant cash flow now.  My start-up costs for my law firm are a whopping $500 so far.  I made that back in the first week.  Everything else is straight up gravy.    

Moral of the story folks.  I hope that you're inspired by folks like us who are out there living our dreams.  It takes a lot of bravery to do what we're doing.  You need a swift kick in the ass like that in order to get away from the safety of your current life.  But being brave does not mean being stupid.  You need to have a reasonable road map to our eventual goal.  Don't forget that folks like Jason and Shelly eliminated debt and saved money for months in order to go out on the road.  Even the vast MGBG internet empire was not built in a day.  

And the path to your dream may not be a straight line.  For now...I'm enjoying the detour life has thrown at me.  Cheers to your dreams citizens!


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8gY0IT0CuA

  2. Excellent post! I can definitely identify with it. As another running dirtbag, I do love the idea of it "just working out." I also know that even hobo status in the trendy running town I live in costs a fair amount of scratch. I got a little flak for working in a foundry for 5 months and "selling out." Working in huge metal building full of liquid hot magma...I mean metal, wasn't the hobo life I'd dreamed of, but it was one of the best experiences in my life, and it got me out here to springboard me into my transition into jogging hobo ass clownery.
    ...anyway, great post on living your dreams in reality.

  3. Sorry, your blog is unreadable now. Unsubscribe.

    Good luck in the future.

    1. It was the Finding Nemo reference wasn't it? Oh well...don't let the door hit ya if you know what I mean...

    2. Nope, it's strictly your personality.

      Good luck in the future. Stay classy.

    3. Oh, I get it. You're a douchebag. Thanks for clarifying.

    4. See previous post.

  4. It sounds like you are making some sensible steps towards your goal. Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  5. Quitter by Jon Acuff talks about this very subject. You are doing a smart thing by not putting your family in harms way while you follow your dream. Don't quit your day job until your Dream is bigger than your day job. I think you might like Jon.. He is a blogger, author, and ran a 1/2 marathon once. http://www.daveramsey.com/store/books/quitter/prodquitter.html



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