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Monday, May 7, 2012

Other random stuff I've been up to...

It hasn't been all work and no play for me lately citizens.  The great thing about being psuedo unemployed is that I can do what I want, when I want.  By the way, I like the phrase "psuedo-unemployed" better than saying "self-employed".  Self-employed is what everyone in court says they are when they are charged with  selling drugs....ALLEGEGLY!! 

So for today's quick Monday post I wanted to link a few things I've had brewing in the blogosphere.  First, I had a great time interviewing with Caity from Run Barefoot Girl about a week ago.  For those who have never seen the site, it's a blog dedicated to the stories of female barefoot runners and athletes.  Although I am not one of those, she was nice enough to talk to me anyway.  Topics range from Crossfit to barefoot running to paleo and other random stuff.  Here's the link!

Another thing I'm really excited about is a new blog project.  I know that several of you have been asking me to post more stories about working in criminal law and other lawyer randomnesss.  I've been shy about it because (a) I had a real job, and (b) those kinds of posts don't get a lot of traffic on a fitness blog.  Well, since the former is no longer an issue, I decided to give you what you want. 

So I created a new blog called The Barefoot Lawyer (yes, all barefoot bloggers must put "barefoot" in their blog titles).  There are a ton of legal blogs out there.  And frankly, they all suck.  My blog intends to make fun of those blogs as lawyers, corporate America, and whoever else I think is full of themselves.  And it will give you the same straight talk and no BS you come to expect from me about topics of importance today (you know...stuff that you don't want to read here).  And yes, the graphics suck (just like this blog...except for the header which is boss).  It's still under construction.  Get over it.

The first post is a funny one about What NOT to do if you get pulled over for DWI/DUI.  Check it!

Happy Monday citizens!

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  1. Enough with this crossfit crap! Back to running



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