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Barefoot Running

Wanna be an ass-kicking, paleo-eating, barefoot running, kilt-wearing, towering inferno of awesomeness like the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy?  Here's a list of resources from my blog as well as other sites containing information on all things barefoot and minimalist running.  Also included is a complete list of my blog posts on the subject.

MGBG Barefoot Running Guides and FAQs

Barefoot Running FAQ: Everything you need to know to get started barefoot running, as written by your's truely.

Barefoot Running Form Advice (The only rule you really need, and also Form Tips Part One, Part Two, Part Three): Having trouble barefoot running?  The answer to your problems are probably more simple than you think.  These tips may seem obvious, but they really work! 

Nighttime Barefoot Running Guide: Sometimes you can't avoid running at night.  That doesn't mean you need to wear shoes though.  Here's some tips for successful night barefoot running.

Raising Barefoot Children: I make every effort to make sure my family has proper foot health.  Here's some considerations for helping your children adopt a more natural way of movement.

Cold-Weather Barefoot Running Guide: Just because the mercury starts dipping doesn't mean you need to start wearing shoes.  Here's how to keep those digits warm in the cold.

Winter Barefoot Running Guide: What are you nuts?!  Well if you are...here's how to have the best chance of running barefoot in the snow.

Barefoot Running Winter Foot Conditioning: How to keep your dogs from losing their "hurt layer" during the long, cold winter

 MGBG Minimalist Running Shoe Guides and FAQs

Guide to Selecting Minimal Shoes: If you're new to minimal shoes, or looking for guidance to pick your next pair, this guide is for you.  Everything you need to know to buy a pair of shoes you'll love.

MGBG Shoe Recommendations: Still having trouble picking a good minimal shoe?  Here's what I look for in a shoe.

Huarache Buyer's Guide: A comparison of all the commercially available huaraches on the market in 2011 (Invisible Shoes, Luna Sandals, and Unshoes), written by your favorite local superhero.

Homemade Huarache Guide: Think you have what it takes to make your own minimal shoes?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Winter Minimalist Shoe Suggestions: All shoes suck in the winter.  But some shoes suck less.  Here's how to choose the right shoe for the conditions.

Other Barefoot and Minimalist Running Resources (not as awesome as mine, but still pretty cool)

Barefoot Running University: A blog by Jason Robillard that covers the topic extensively

The Barefoot Runners Society: The largest barefoot running forum in the world, dedicated to spreading the good word about the sport.

The Running Barefoot: The original site for barefoot runners maintained by the godfather, Ken Bob Saxon.

The Natural Running Center:  A website that attempts to be a comprehensive resource for barefoot and minimalist running on the Internet. 

Toesalad: A forum dedicated exclusively to discussion, news, and reviews of the latest and greatest minimalist running shoes

Barefoot/Minimalist Running Rants

Lies, Damn Lies, and Barefoot Statistics

It's 2012.  Time to Embrace Cushioning?

How Many Pairs of Freaking Minimal Shoes Do You Need?!

Some of the Best Minimal Shoes Aren't So Minimal

Is Good Form the New Barefoot?

My Take on the "Lack" of Female Barefoot Runners

It's Time for a Paradigm Shift...

To Become a Certified Barefoot Running Coach, Or Not...

It's Time for Everyone's Favorite Game Show!  Rip the Newspaper Article!

Proprioception, i.e. That Barefoot Feeling

MGBG on TV!  And a Rant About Barefoot Runners...

Making New Barefoot Friends, and Influencing People


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