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General Awesomeness

I'm not just awesome when I work out.  I live and breath it.  Want to be awesome in your daily life?  Here's some resources to put you on the righteous path.

Paleo/Primal Dieting

Paleo/Primal FAQ: A rundown of the paleo/primal diet.  Also known as "the way we're supposed to eat".

The Paleo Starter Guide: Everything you need to get started eating and feeling the healthiest you've ever been.  A very popular post on my blog, written of course by muah!

Intro to The Warrior Diet: Just as we should eat the foods of our ancestors, we should eat at the same times.  A guide to the diet that will give you the energy and alertness of a caveman hunter by harnessing the power of hunger.  Written by yours truly.

The Warrior Diet: The website for the revolutionary Warrior Diet

Lean Gains: Another great intermittent fasting website

Mark's Daily Apple: The biggest and best resource for paleo/primal dieting on the internet

Paleo Hacks: Probably the largest internet forum on the subject of all things primitive

Yoga and Other Stuff to Cure your Inflexible Bastard-ness

Stretching: WTF?!: There's a lot of straight-up bullshit out there about the topic of stretching.  Here's what you need to know.

Yoga for Barefoot Runners: Yoga is a phenominal way to increase your mobility.  Here's some special considerations for habitual barefooters.

Networking, Blogging, and Not Being a Total Shut-in Nerdface

Creating a Blog That Doesn't Suck: How to get almost as much web traffic as my site does...

Getting Free Stuff: I'm the undisputed ninja master of swag.  Here's how to be one of my ninja warrior followers.

Writing Shoe Reviews: If you have a barefoot running blog, you probably have a shoe review or two.  If not (or if it sucks) here's how to write one.

Networking for Barefoot Runners: Networkers get ahead in life.  Here's some things for barefooters to try.

Winter Running and Gear

Cold Weather Barefoot/Minimalist Running Tips: As the weather cools down, barefoot and minimalist running gets a little more difficult.  Here are some quick tips to help you through the cold weather.

Winter Running Guide: Winter is my favorite running season.  Here's everything you need to successfully run through the snow and the cold. 

Winter Barefoot Running Guide: Looking to enter the realm of the ultra-crazy?  I do my best to talk you out of it in this guide, and provide tips on how to survive in case you don't listen to my advice.

The Gear Junkie: Reviews covering all the new gear that you'll need to run, hike, or camp in the cold.  The Gear Junkie is from Minnesota, so he knows what he's talking about!


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