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About MGBG

Fear not citizens! I will save you from the evil grips of SHOES! I am The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy. Your kilted, paleo, local superhero blogging for my ego, your entertainment, and tons of free swag. Come with me if you want to live....better....
Why wouldn't you trust a guy in a cape!

Up until a few years ago I was living a quiet and peaceful life in a yuppie suburban neighborhood.  Then I took my shoes off.  It was smelly and disgusting at first.  My wife would contend that it still is.  But something happened to me.  I became a symbol in my community.  Not a really cool symbol, like the one that Prince replaced his name with.  But a symbol nonetheless.  A symbol that strikes fear into the hearts of shoes everywhere!  I became "The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy". 

A few years later, I started this blog and the rest is history.  I became the shit-talking, paleo-eating, kilt-wearing, Crossfit-doing, tall lanky son-of-a-bitch (not necessarily in that order) local superhero you see today.  Since that time I've run distances from a few miles to a several marathons and an ultramarathon barefoot and in minimal shoes.  I became the President of the Barefoot Runners Society here in Minnesota.  I've written articles for Barefoot Running University, and been featured in local television, radio, and news as an expert on the topic of barefoot running.  I've been asked to speak at the events such as the Twin Cities Marathon, and the NYC Barefoot Run. 

What I hope you'll find on this page is a great resource for barefoot running and minimal shoes.  If I'm not the "premier" advocate for barefoot running in Minnesota, I certainly am the loudest.  I want to help everyone that I can find a more healthy, natural, and fun way to run.  Running barefoot was the best thing I ever did for my health and well-being.  I hope I can help you take the same step!

CHEERS!  And welcome to MGBG Nation!


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