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The awesomeness of MGBG has overflowed from the confines of this blog. You want more of me MGBG Nation, and I've responded by getting out there among my people. I want to help you find a healthier, more natural way to run. I am the premiere source of barefoot running expertise in the Midwest. Here's just some of the ways I can help!

1. Private Coaching: I can provide customize a training program including running, strength training, barefoot/minimal running instruction, and diet advice into an all-encompassing package to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals!

2. Barefoot/Minimal Running Training Plans: Unsure of how to fit barefoot or minimal running into your training goals?  Let me design a customized training plan to get you where you want to go!

3. Running Form Analysis: Having trouble getting the hang of barefoot running?  Or want to learn how to run more efficiently?  I can do a video analysis of your running form along with drills and coaching to get you running better fast!

4. One-on-one Sessions: Feel like you need a more personal approach?  I will come to you and provide one-on-one coaching to get you through any issue!

5. Training Plan Review: On a budget, or maybe don't want someone telling you what to do and when?  I can review your training plan and make suggestions based on your fitness goals!

6. Phone/Email Support: I am available to answer all of your questions via email and phone!

7. Clinics: Want to host a barefoot running clinic?  I will come to your running/athletic store, medical clinic, or other event and deliver a custom presentation tailored to your needs!

Contact me at mgbarefootguy@gmail.com to book my services today!


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