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Strength Training

I didn't get to be a towering inferno of muscle-bound awesomeness by just eating my Wheaties!  Gross (gluten)!  I lift heavy things, and you should too.  Here are some links to articles and resources to get you started.

MGBG Strength Training Guides and FAQs

Barefoot Weightlifting Guide: I firmly believe that you're never as strong as you could be unless you lift weights barefoot.  Here's a guide on how to make the transition.

Intro to Crossfit: A background on the strength training program that I use to perform incredibly average feats of human strength.  Written, produced, and directed by me!

Intro to MovNat: Want to be strong like Tarzan without the ill-fitting clothes (or lack thereof).  Here's everything you need to know to get started with MovNat, the program to get you back into caveman shape.

An Overview of the MovNat 1-Day Seminar (Part One, Part Two): Want to know what a MovNat seminar is like before ponying up the cash?  Check out these write-ups of the one-day clinic.

Strongman for Runners: Probably the most functional training in existence.  Strongman can increase the performance of any athlete.  Here's how to get into it.  And here's why runners should do it.

Other Strength Training Resources (approved by, but in no way as awesome as MGBG)

Crossfit Online: The main website, which will give you everything you need

Crossfit Endurance: For those of you that are looking for a program more suited to endurance training, this is the site for you.

Crossfit Football: In my opinion, the most important aspect of strength training, regardless of purpose, is absolute strength.  To that end, there is no better Crossfit site out there.

StrongmanWOD: A little strongman training never hurt anyone.  Here's a site with workouts to really spice up your routine.

MovNat Online: The main website for the MovNat workout system.

Other Strength Training Posts and Rants

Meet My Slosh Tube

100-Up Challenge?  How About an 100-Squat Challenge?

Crossfit Endurance, Seven Months Later

Real Fitness Isn't About Weight Loss


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